Acid Reflux in Infants

Acid Reflux in Infants

Infants have recently been diagnosed with acid reflux. For many years infants have gone untreated and undiagnosed with this disease. This can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for infants who have not been treated or diagnosed. Infants lie flat on their back for the first few months of their lives. This can make acid reflux worse causing more discomfort for the baby.

The same symptoms that apply for adults are true for infants as well though they cannot tell you exactly what is bothering them. This makes it even more difficult for the parents to get the correct diagnoses. That is why it is important to pay attention to when the infant is the most cranky or sick to their stomachs such as after eating.

One of the most noticeable symptoms in infants with acid reflux is the constant crying and vomiting. Many infants with acid reflux cannot find relief from the disease because many parents think that it is colic. Colic and acid reflux resemble some of the same symptoms like crying after eating or vomiting often and the high gas levels. This makes it extremely difficult to know when to ask the doctor about acid reflux. Some other symptoms are coughing, poor feeding or blood in stools. These are the only symptoms just the most common. It is important to pay attention to the infant for any irregularities.

Many infants will outgrow acid reflux after the first few months of birth though some it may take the first entire year to outgrow depending on the severity. In most cases changing of the formula or the mother’s diet is recommended to make the symptoms less severe. If your child develops any of the following it is important to call your primary care physician immediately. Vomiting that is in large amounts and persistent, vomiting green or yellow liquid, breathing difficulties after vomiting or spiting up, refusing food and causes weight loss or poor weight gain, or excessive crying or irritability.

Treatment for infant acid reflux is rarely needed because most infants outgrow this condition. In cases where the condition is severe medication can be used. Doctors that prescribe medicines for acid reflux will start with H-12 blockers. If these do not stop the reflux then there is another set of prescription strength medications. In very severe cases some infants may require surgery to correct the condition.